Reports: Samsung set for clamshell smartphone revival

Reports: Samsung set for clamshell smartphone revival

05 AUG 2013

Samsung is reported to be readying several smartphones with a clamshell design, revisiting a form factor which has previously featured in the company’s product line-up, but which has largely fallen out of favour in recent years.

At least one of the two mooted devices appears to be targeting the vendor’s home market of South Korea, and it is not clear if international launches will follow.

Both suggested terminals feature dual touch screens, with one display on the outside of the clamshell for use when closed, and another on the inside.

One mooted device has been referred to as Galaxy Folder, Galaxy Golden, and SHV-E400K, and is the higher-spec of the pair. It is expected to feature two WVGA (480×800) screens, a 1.7GHz processor, 2GB of RAM, and LTE support.

The second, referred to as Galaxy Hennessey or SCH-W789, has two HVGA (320×480) screens, a 1.2GHz processor, 1GB of RAM and a 5MP camera.

Samsung has previously developed several clamshell smartphones powered by Symbian OS, Palm OS and Windows Mobile, although not all of those reported were then released to the market commercially.

The company has also continued to offer clamshell smartphones in the Chinese market, including a number of Android devices offered by China Telecom. Indeed, it has been suggested that Hennessey is destined for this market and operator.


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