Report: HTC planning “mini” One

Report: HTC planning “mini” One

11 JUN 2013

HTC is reported to be readying a lower-spec sibling for its flagship One smartphone (pictured), echoing the strategy of market leader Samsung with its Mini-branded devices.

According to Bloomberg, the device will have a 4.3-inch screen, compared with 4.7-inches for the original, and will also have a lower-spec Qualcomm processor. It will be launched in August.

Samsung has offered several “mini” versions of its flagship Galaxy devices, although these have significantly different features to the full-fat versions.

With the screen size of devices such as Galaxy S4 and One creeping up to 5-inches, this has created an opportunity for smaller siblings.

But with the specifications differing so widely, the real role of the Mini versions appears to be taking advantage of the “halo” created by the high-end device, to boost the position of what would otherwise be a less distinctive mid-tier proposition.


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