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Razer, 3 Group ink games alliance

17 MAY 2017

3 Group announced a partnership with gaming specialist Razer, which includes “co-branding, mobile devices and plans”.

The move is made significant by the fact Razer recently acquired assets from smartphone start-up Nextbit Systems, which made a splash with its Kickstarter-backed Robin device. Razer said it intended to use the deal to grow its business in new areas.

So far, Razer has remained tight-lipped on its product plans in the mobile market.

The alliance with 3 Group is the gaming player’s first with a mobile network operator.

In a statement Razer revealed 2.3 million of its registered users live within the footprint of the operator. 3 Denmark already offers Razer accessories in its store, and to “kickstart” the new collaboration, 3 Hong Kong and Razer will open a store in June this year.

“3’s partnership with Razer underscores our commitment to customers who are casual fans as well as those who are avid gamers of mobile eSports,” Susan Buttsworth, CEO of 3 International Opportunities Development said.


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