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Qualcomm amps-up audio play

05 MAR 2021

Qualcomm launched an end-to-end audio system under the Snapdragon Sound banner, which it claimed addressed a range of pain points hampering the quality of music in smartphones, ear buds and headsets.

The company described the system as being able to provide “superior sound experience” for consumers streaming music, while communicating or using wireless gaming applications.

Qualcomm argued the system solved many common sound quality disruptions, including those causing breaks in connectivity, audio glitches, poor compression and latency.

“By optimising interactions between Qualcomm technology stacks, Snapdragon Sound is designed to deliver a more robust and seamless wireless listening experience, supporting high-resolution 24-bit 96kHz audio, ultra-low latency, improved pairing and crystal-clear voice quality.”

Qualcomm VP Voice, Music and Wearables James Chapman added its latest release would help customers “quickly commercialise products differentiated” on sound quality.

The company said turntable and microphone specialist Audio-Technica and Xiaomi had already signed up to incorporate Snapdragon Sound into upcoming devices.



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