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Palm widens US availability

18 JUN 2019

Palm began selling its eponymous minimalist smartphone unlocked in the US, following earlier availability through operator Verizon.

The device, which features a 3.3-inch screen, was initially positioned as a companion device for a larger smartphone. It was designed to reduce a user’s screen time while still enabling them to remain connected, with users including “digital minimalists” and people participating in sports.

It subsequently gained features to enable it to be used as a standalone smartphone.

Availability remained limited, however. In addition to Verizon in the US, it was also available in Spain, Germany, the UK, Hong Kong and Japan through operator partners.

Palm also said it is “working hard to expand our availability across the globe”, with more announcements due later in the year.

In its US unlocked form, the device is available through AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile US and MetroPCS, but not Sprint.

“With so many cellular options available in the US, we wanted our customers to be able to choose how they use and how they connect their Palm,” said Dennis Miloseski, co-founder.

Customers buying the device via will get a free leather case with neck and wrist lanyards. It costs $349.99.

While Palm is positioning itself as a US company based in San Francisco, it is backed by Chinese electronics company TCL, which is also behind devices using the Alcatel and BlackBerry brands.



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