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Oppo test clears way for 2019 5G device launch

30 OCT 2018

Chinese smartphone maker Oppo said one of its devices had successfully accessed the internet using 5G for the first time, paving the way for commercial launches in 2019.

The test, conducted in Oppo’s 5G lab environment, used a pre-commercial device based on the vendor’s currently available R15, customised with 5G radio components. Oppo is working with Qualcomm on developments related to 5G.

In a move to talk up its 5G credentials, the company said that starting with its participation in the 5G standards project in 2015, it “kept solidly growing in 5G research and development”. It said “international standards organisation 3GPP stated that Oppo ranked first in the number of documents submitted by a global tech company”.

It is also researching 5G applications including 3D vision and ambient intelligence.



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