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Oppo Indian retail push approved

04 OCT 2017

Indian authorities cleared smartphone maker Oppo to open its own retail stores in the country, paving the way for the China-based company to sell directly to consumers on the high street.

Approval was granted by India’s Foreign Investment Promotion Board this week, Reuters reported.

While India allows non-domestic companies to sell directly to consumers via the “single-brand route”, those businesses need to source 30 per cent of products locally.

A number of vendors have begun assembling devices in India as part of the government’s Make In India initiative, which also offers benefits in terms of taxation.

However, a recent report indicated device assembly remained a low-value activity, with numerous factors preventing vendors from moving more complex – and potentially lucrative – work into the country.

Opening retail stores in India could be an important step for Oppo, with IDC recently reporting consumers in the country still show a strong preference for offline commerce.

This is especially important beyond major towns and cities.


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