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Oppo demos rollable concept handset

18 NOV 2020

Oppo showcased a number of concept products including a smartphone with a rollable display, as the vendor looks to boost its efforts in developing innovative offerings.

During its annual Inno Day, the Chinese vendor presented its concept models, claiming they showed “all-new possibilities of human-tech interaction and exploration of future technology”.

Its Oppo X 2021 concept handset comes with a flexible and “continuously variable” OLED display which can be extended from 6.7 inches to 7.4 inches.

TechRadar cited the vendor as stating its rollable display could prove more durable than foldable alternatives, as it lacked a bending spot.

Oppo also unveiled concept AR glasses, claiming the product was “compact and ultra-light”, and features optical technology designed to boost the immersive experience along with gesture-based interaction capabilities.

It also demonstrated CybeReal AR, an app Oppo said provides high-precision localisation and scene recognition to enhance a user’s “perception and understanding of the real world”.



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