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Mozilla and partners look to broaden Firefox OS reach

07 JAN 2014

Mozilla detailed its plans for the fledgling Firefox OS platform, which includes a partnership with Panasonic focused on the smart TV market and existing partner ZTE developing a new line of smartphones including “higher-end and dual core options” – with the next launch imminent.

In a blog post, Mozilla also noted that it is working on a Firefox OS contribution programme aimed at accelerating the development of Firefox OS for tablets and the supporting ecosystem. In order to do this, it will provide “dedicated contributors” with access to resources and reference hardware, initially with tablets from Foxconn.

In line with the Panasonic smart TV tie-up, the companies will “work together to promote Firefox OS and its open ecosystem”. This will include using HTML5 and web technologies already common in PCs, smartphones and tablets to offer consumers more personalised and optimised access to web and broadcasting content and web services.

In a blog post, Jay Sullivan, Mozilla’s COO, said that the focus for Firefox OS in 2014 will be “new markets and form factors”.

Much of the initial effort for Firefox OS has been in emerging markets, “where there are still billions of people who have yet to experience their first smartphone”. This will continue, but the platform will also be used on “a broader range of smartphones that are tailored for different types of consumers” – and this week ZTE will offer a device “targeted to a different set of consumers”.


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