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Meizu touts holeless smartphone

23 JAN 2019

Chinese device maker Meizu showcased a smartphone that features no holes in the body, although it appears a commercial release of the device is some way off.

Called Meizu Zero, it does away with the various openings normally present, using a range of technology to provide alternative solutions.

While the removal of the headphone jack in favour of Bluetooth headphones is already common, Meizu Zero extends this with wireless charging and data transfer enabling the removal of the USB port, for example.

It also uses what was described as “mSound 2.0 screen sound” in place of traditional loudspeakers, and “virtual” side pressure buttons rather than traditional inputs.

Meizu Zero also omits the SIM card slot in favour of embedded SIM technology. The company said its release is tied to backing for eSIM from China’s operators.



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