MediaTek chief trumpets consumer electronics credentials

MediaTek chief trumpets consumer electronics credentials

28 JAN 2015

VIDEO INTERVIEW: Ambitious chipmaker MediaTek’s strength in the consumer electronics space gives it the lead over rivals such as Intel and Qualcomm, which are “more polarised in PCs or communications,” Johan Lodenius, the company’s CMO, told Mobile World Live.

“They’re still good companies in their own right, but when it comes to consumer electronics, I think we have the edge in many areas,” he continued.

While MediaTek is making fast inroads into the mobile device market, it already has a strong presence in the wider consumer electronics space.

“Three out of five TV chips are MediaTek. We support more streaming audio protocols than anyone else. Google, Spotify, you name it, we have support for it. We work with all the brand names in any multimedia consumer electronics field you can think about. And most people don’t know it,” the executive continued.

Watch the full interview here.


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