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LG reveals more V20 details

24 AUG 2016

LG Electronics continued with its teaser campaign for its anticipated V20 smartphone, stating it will have “best-in-class audio functions developed in partnership with B&O Play”.

It said the companies worked together to optimise the audio capabilities of the device, with acoustic engineers collaborating “to achieve B&O Play’s philosophy of delivering a natural and balanced sound in a portable package”. The smartphone will ship with “a special pair of B&O Play earphones” and wallpapers.

This marks the third time that LG has revealed details about its V20 plans.

The company previously said the device will be the first in the industry to feature 32-bit Hi-Fi quad DAC (digital to analogue converter) capabilities, boosting its audio performance. It said it worked with partner ESS Technology on this.

LG also said it will be the first to feature Google’s Android 7.0 Nougatreleased this week – out of the box. The LG device is set to ship in the third quarter (of which September is all that is left).


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