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LG releases more V30 teasers as launch approaches

08 AUG 2017

LG confirmed it will release a device called V30 at IFA2017 in early September, as more details of the anticipated smartphone were revealed.

The company said its next flagship would feature a “plastic OLED FullVision display”, consistent with a strategy introduced with G6 and continued with Q6.

“As LG’s first OLED smartphone since the LG G Flex 2 in 2015, the shift marks a move by LG to extend its OLED leadership from the premium TV sector into the premium smartphone space,” it announced in a statement.

The company said “beyond their slim profile and excellent visuals”, such displays are ideal for VR applications, a key growth driver in the smartphone market.

“With competition in the global smartphone space fiercer now than ever, we felt that this was the right time to reintroduce OLED displays in our mobile products,” said Juno Cho, president of LG’s mobile business.

The company said the six-inch display will be LG’s largest in four years, while the actual body will be smaller than the V20. With the upper and lower bezels also cut by 20 per cent and 50 per cent respectively, the LG logo is moved to the back of the device.

Plastic OLED technology also means the edges of the screen can be curved “to allow for a more ergonomic design and better feel in the hand” – echoing Samsung’s use of curved screens.

Other mooted specifications include dual cameras (with a slight camera bump) and rear-mounted fingerprint scanner.


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