Lenovo revamps Yoga tablet line

Lenovo revamps Yoga tablet line

14 OCT 2014

Ambitious Chinese device maker Lenovo updated its Yoga tablet line, with both Android and Windows products launched in several sizes.

In terms of design, the devices feature an integrated stand, like the original Yoga tablets, giving users positioning options the company describes as “hold, tilt and stand”. But the latest Yoga products feature a fourth option – hang – which “lets them hang their device to display content”.

The devices are powered by Intel Atom processors across the board, boding well for the chipmaker’s efforts to build its position in the mobile market (especially as the Chinese vendor is one of the few building its position in the tablet market). Lenovo is using a 1.86GHz quadcore part across platforms.

Generally the specifications are the same across Android and Windows devices.

Yoga Tablet 2 is available in 8-inch (1920×1200 pixel) and 10.1-inch (1920×1200 pixel) sizes, with 8MP rear and 1.6MP front cameras. LTE connectivity is also available on select models (apparently all Android versions, and the 10-inch Windows tablet).

Also listed are dual front speakers with Dolby audio and Wolfson Master HiFi sound.

There are some differences: the 10-inch Windows 8.1 device ships with a Bluetooth keyboard. This is an option on the Android device.

And while the Windows devices have 32GB of storage with MicroSD slot, the Android devices have 16GB onboard with expansion capabilities.

Lenovo has also introduced a 13-inch Yoga Tablet 2 Pro, which has a built-in projector and 2560×1440 pixel screen. So far, only an Android version is listed.

The Android device has 32GB of storage and a MicroSD expansion slot.

In terms of pricing, the Windows machines are (unsurprisingly) more expensive. The 8-inch Android device costs €229 with the 10-inch at €299. The 8-inch Windows model is €249, with the 10-inch at €399 – possibly reflecting in part the no-cost licencing option available for smaller-screen Windows tablets.

Yoga Tablet 2 Pro starts at €499.


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