Jolla unveils debut device

Jolla unveils debut device

20 MAY 2013

Device start-up Jolla unveiled its first smartphone, revealing a price point of €399 and stating it is targeting shipment in Europe “by the end of 2013”.

A key feature of the device, which is being referred to just as “Jolla”, is a replaceable rear cover, with the device software changing “to match your selected colour and design”.

According to the company’s website, “colours, fonts, tones, profiles, functionalities – all will adapt just as you wish by simply uniting the halves”.

Only a handful of specifications were made available. The device will have a 4.5-inch display, dual core processor, 4G connectivity, 8 megapixel camera, and user-replaceable battery. It is powered by Jolla’s “gesture-based” Sailfish platform, and is said to offer support for Android apps.

Jolla is kicking off a pre-order campaign today, with the company offering a “limited edition” version for early supporters. “Show that there is a market for Jolla by participating in our pre-order campaign,” Marc Dillion, EVP of research and development, and co-founder, said.

Earlier this month, Jolla appointed experienced manager Tomi Pienimaki as its CEO, as the company moves from start-up into its delivery phase.


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