Jolla plays down device business following latest funding round

Jolla plays down device business following latest funding round

12 DEC 2014

Jolla said that it “does not see itself as a hardware company”, as it closed its B financing round and completed an Indiegogo campaign to support the development of a tablet device.

“People tend to think that we are a device company, but actually 90 per cent of our efforts go to software development, building Sailfish OS. There are plenty of large device companies in the world, and we let them focus on the hardware business,” said Antti Saarnio, chairman of the board.

In order to drive further growth, Jolla is “looking for the right partners to join the Sailfish OS agenda and do that with us”.

The company identified “digital content providers and e-commerce players” in particular, noting: “Google’s ecosystem is not designed for e-commerce partners, and it will not easily transfer into such a platform.”

With the closing of the new funding round, the company’s total so far has reached €34 million. But Saarnio said that while this is a sizeable amount for a start-up, “it is still a small amount considering the size of our mobile operating system agenda”.

“Our 100-plus team has created a world-class operating system in a very short time and with extremely limited resources. Many big industry players have tried to do the same with at least five times bigger resources,” he continued.

Jolla has also closed an Indiegogo campaign to raise funds for the development of a tablet device, having raised $1.82 million in 21 campaign days – against an initial target of $380,000.

More than 13,000 contributors worldwide participated, in what was said to be the third biggest technology crowdfunding campaign from outside the US.


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