Jolla kicks off online smartphone sales

Jolla kicks off online smartphone sales

19 DEC 2013

Smartphone start-up Jolla launched its online shop for customers in EU countries, Switzerland and Norway, noting that “a new batch of Jolla smartphones is now available to order”.

“Sales of Jolla smartphones are off to a great start and it is time to move on to the next phase by offering a new batch of Jolla smartphones to new customers across Europe,” Tomi Pienimaki, CEO of Jolla, said.

The device is priced at €399.

The company said that pre-ordered devices are being shipped to EU customers by Christmas, while shipments of new orders will begin in “early January [2014].”

Jolla previously acknowledged it faced logistics challenges with the launch of its debut product.

“After solving some technical logistics issues all the shipments to pre-order customers in the EU will be shipped by Christmas,” Pienimaki said.

Jolla also announced the opening of a portal where customers can “discuss and vote on which features they would like to see in Jolla, report issues, and submit ideas”.

“We have received a lot of valuable feedback, for example, regarding power management and most wanted features, and we are reacting quickly. We have already released two updates for the OS and are expecting to rapidly improve the capabilities with frequent over the air updates,” Pienimaki concluded.


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