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Huawei P10 performance under the spotlight

21 APR 2017

Huawei came under fire when it was revealed some versions of its P10 and P10 Plus flagships are faster than others – with no way for buyers to tell which are which.

The issue stems from the fact the company is using “multiple simultaneous mainstream solution suppliers” for components, in order to meet global demand for millions of units. As a result, buyers receive devices where there are significant differences in configuration, which is reflected in performance, Android Authority reported.

A Huawei statement to the publication noted its specification documents do not specify which type of memory it uses. “There are no period batches or manual selection for chip batches, nor is there any discrimination or intention to defraud consumers”, it continued.

However, this means consumers do not know in advance if they are getting the highest performing version, or one which uses lower-spec components.

It is certainly true other vendors use multiple suppliers in their products, and this can sometimes have a notable impact on performance. In the case of the P10, though, the revelation mars what has otherwise been a good response for Huawei’s latest flagship.


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