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HTC reveals early 2016 losses

16 MAR 2016

HTC provided more details of its performance in the first two months of 2016, following a request from Taiwan’s stock market “given recent share price movement”.

While HTC recently revealed uninspiring sales figures for 2016 to date, its shares have seen something of a rally in recent days. It was suggested that this was linked to early success for its Vive virtual reality headsets, where the company is perceived as something of a market leader.

Also cited were previous reports that HTC is in the frame to create Nexus-branded devices for Google over a three-year period.

The company has now revealed operating losses of TWD1.3 billion ($40 million) for January and TWD1.5 billion for February, with a net loss in January (TWD1.1 billion). It saw a net profit in February (TWD824 million) due to a property sale which brought in TWD2.1 billion.

Earlier this month, it revealed that its sales in the first two months halved compared with the same period in 2015.

HTC also said it will not schedule a press conference, “as the company does not have any material information to announce”.


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