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Germany gives green light to Meta VR devices

24 NOV 2022

German cartel office Bundeskartellamt cleared Meta Platforms to move ahead with selling its Quest VR headsets in the country after the company adjusted its user sign in policies, lifting a sales ban following a competition probe.

In a statement, Bundeskartellamt explained sale and distribution of the Quest 2 and Quest Pro VR devices in Germany could recommence, but warned it would continue to monitor Meta Platforms’ data handling procedures.

The green light came after Meta Platforms updated its rules earlier this year to enable the devices to be used without a Facebook or Instagram account, instead employing a separate account design specifically for VR use.

Meta Platforms halted Quest sales in September 2020 following a Bundeskartellamt probe into user privacy and market dominance.

Bundeskartellamt president Andreas Mundt stated the regulator welcomed Meta Platforms’ shift, but warned it “will not terminate the proceeding” into the company’s practices across the digital market.



Hana Anandira

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