Finland’s DNA set for Jolla device launch

Finland’s DNA set for Jolla device launch

13 JUN 2013

Finnish operator DNA confirmed it is set to offer the first smartphone from Jolla, stating that its partnership with the devices start-up is part of a strategy “aimed at providing Finnish people with the most appealing equipment and services on the market”.

The news is hardly surprising, as DNA, the Nordic country’s third-biggest operator, announced a partnership with Jolla last November. It will be the only operator to offer the device in the country, although this does not preclude direct to consumer sales.

While the deal is unlikely to be make or break for Jolla – DNA has 2.4 million subscribers, out of a total 9.8 million in Finland – it does have a symbolic position as the home market of troubled device giant Nokia.

Jolla has a number of ex-Nokia staff among its ranks and its Sailfish technology has its roots in the aborted Meego platform, which was Nokia’s next-generation smartphone platform of choice at one stage.

Pekka Vaisanen, VP of DNA’s consumer business, said: “In a spirit of ‘co-creation’ that is characteristic of Jolla, we have been able to influence the device’s design and usability, allowing us to convey our customers’ wishes directly to Jolla’s development team, already at the design stage.”

Jolla unveiled its debut device last month, stating it will be available in Europe before the end of the year.

The headline feature of the device is a two-part design, with the changeable rear portion enabling users to customise their smartphones – with “colours, fonts, tones, profiles, [and] functionalities” modified by swapping.


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