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Doro targets latest smartphone at lone workers

09 MAY 2017

Doro launched its first smartphone targeting customers beyond its core “senior” user market, with a device aimed at lone workers.

The company said its strategy is to put “its expertise in technological solutions that support vulnerable people” to use in the “growing lone worker market”, explaining there are six million people in the UK either working in isolation or without direct supervision.

Such employees are vulnerable and face a high risk of work-related injuries, Doro said.

The Doro 8020X is shock, dust and water resistant. As with many Doro phones, it features an assistance button, which can be used to request help, and is compatible with the Doro 3500 Bluetooth wrist trigger, which is also water and dust resistant and can be worn on the outside of clothing.

Alarm assistance requests can be sent in a number of ways, with the standard form being an SMS providing the worker’s GPS location to up to five contacts, and calls then placed to the five in rotation until one is answered.

Doro’s 8020X is also compatible with the vendor’s Alarm Application, which can connect the smartphone with the employer directly through the cloud or to selected alarm receiving centres.

The Android 6.0 device also includes a 5MP camera, 8GB of storage with microSD expansion slot, and LTE connectivity.

Doro 8020X is available from distributors including Data Select, Tech Data, Exertis sand Brightstar 2020.


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