Dell’s founder: no plans to enter smartphone business

Dell’s founder: no plans to enter smartphone business

13 SEP 2013

Fresh from winning a shareholder vote that secured a $24.8 billion buyout of the PC company he founded, Michael Dell (pictured) told CNBC there are no plans to compete against the likes of Apple and Samsung in the smartphone space.

“We’re not getting in the mobile phone business,” he said.

Dell added that the five areas of focus for the company are enterprise, expanding sales capacity, emerging markets, PCs and tablets, and providing an “improved customer experience.”

“Dell will participate in tablets and all sorts of client devices,” he continued. “This is the Dell that many of you are very, very familiar with, and you’re going to see it in all its glory.”

The PC market is, of course, not as attractive as it once was, but tablet sales are booming. According to IDC research, worldwide shipments of tablet devices will start to exceed PC shipments during Q4 2013.

Commenting on the buyout, Yankee Group VP of Research Carl Howe noted that Michael Dell needs time to invest in the company as a mobile cloud infrastructure vendor, and the returns on those investments will come in future years, not future quarters as public shareholders would demand. “Whether Michael Dell can pull it off is still unknown, but at least with the company private, he has a better chance of doing so,” Howe stated.


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