Cyanogen attempts to clear up OnePlus One confusion

Cyanogen attempts to clear up OnePlus One confusion

10 DEC 2014

Android platform company Cyanogen issued a statement clarifying its position with regard to updates for OnePlus One devices sold in India, after an earlier statement only served to muddle the situation further.

Initially it said that it will provide firmware updates “for all global devices, including global devices for our users in India”. However, it was swiftly noted that the term “global devices” was a little ambiguous, and the company then clarified that “this excludes OnePlus One regional devices sold directly in India”.

The situation arose following a deal between Cyanogen and Indian device maker Micromax, which gives the latter an exclusive on the platform in the country. “We are committed to our exclusive partnership in India with Micromax, which will be launching its first Cyanogen OS device under the Yu brand,” the software player said.

OnePlus previously described Cyanogen’s Micromax partnership, including the exclusivity element included, as “surprising and disappointing”. The announcement came shortly ahead of the first OnePlus One availability in India, casting something of a shadow over the company’s efforts.

While it has been building up its software expertise for future product development, OnePlus has now shifted this to OnePlus One.


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