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Apple hit with further iPhone slowdown lawsuits

03 DEC 2020

A European consumer group filed two lawsuits against Apple relating to a slowing of iPhone performance, the latest challenge to the vendor in a matter which already cost it several millions in fines and settlements.

In a statement, the Euroconsumers organisation announced it filed class-action lawsuits in Belgium and Spain seeking at least €60 ($72.86) in compensation for each user affected by the slowdown of the iPhone 6, 6 Plus, 6S and 6S Plus.

The legal actions cover up to 2 million devices in the countries, bringing the amount Apple could end up paying to €120 million.

Euroconsumers said it also planned legal actions in Italy and Portugal, after failing to resolve the matter with Apple out of court.

The organisation said it sent a cease and desist letter to Apple on 2 July seeking compensation for Italian users after agreeing a €500 million settlement to a previous lawsuit.

“Consumers are increasingly upset by products wearing out too quickly, the iPhone 6 models being a very concrete example of that. Not only does it cause frustration and financial harm, from an environmental point of view it is also utterly irresponsible”, argued Els Bruggeman, head of policy and enforcement at Euroconsumers.

In February, Apple was ordered to pay a €25 million fine to French competition authorities over the matter, and has also agreed settlements to US lawsuits totalling $613 million.



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