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Apple goes premium with AirPods Pro

29 OCT 2019

Apple unveiled AirPods Pro, the third version of its popular wireless headphones, as it looks to target the higher-end of the market with added features including noise cancellation and sweat resistance.

The new AirPods will be available in most major Apple markets from 30 October, priced $250, an increase on the original AirPods and AirPods 2, which launched earlier this year.

Apple said in a statement it revamped the design to be more lightweight and fit more comfortably. It also addressed a well-known grievance around size with the older generations of AirPods, offering three different sizes of silicone earbuds, which it said “conform to the contours of each individual ear, providing both a comfortable fit and a superior seal”.

Noise cancellation was achieved through a combination of two microphones and the improved fit.

Apple explained the first microphone faces outward to analyse external environmental noise, with the earphones then creating “an equivalent anti-noise” to cancel out this background interference before it reaches the ears. The second, inward-facing, microphone cancels the remaining noise detected.

The earphones are also water and sweat resistant, and offer a transparency mode enabling users to hear what is happening around them while listening to music.

Apple said the AirPods Pro offer a battery life of up to five hours.



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