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Apple faces pressure over NFC access

03 MAY 2022

The European Commission (EC) accused Apple of abusing its position to restrict rival mobile wallets on iOS devices following a preliminary assessment of the issue, the latest in a number of grievances raised against the iPhone maker by the authority.

In a statement, the EC outlined its preliminary view the vendor limits access to the NFC input on its devices for developers of third-party wallet apps to the benefit of the Apple Pay service.

If this is found to be the case, it added, the iPhone maker would be in violation of European Union competition rules.

The authority sent a statement of objections to Apple for comment yesterday (2 May).

Submitting the document marks a formal step in competition probes, with the accused given access to files on the case and the opportunity to respond to points raised. Apple will also be able to request a hearing with the EC alongside relevant national competition authorities.

In comments posted on social media, EC EVP Margrethe Vestager said the body was “concerned that Apple may have illegally distorted competition in the market for mobile wallets”.

Its current grievance relates purely to access to NFC input by third-party wallet developers and not other alleged issues related to the service raised when it opened an in-depth investigation into Apple’s use of the product in 2020.



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