Arm unveiled a trio of flagship GPU chipsets designed to boost gaming experience on consumer devices including smartphones and XR wearables, highlighting improvements to visuals and AI-based applications for mobile.

In a blog, Anand Patel, senior director GPU product management, client line of business at Arm explained the new chipsets are based on its fifth-generation GPU architecture it launched alongside a roster of processors in 2023.

The new chips feature the Immortalis-G925 GPU, Mali-G725 GPU and Mali-G625 GPU, all of which were created to enable “immersive visual experiences as part of the ongoing mobile gaming evolution” and accelerate “AI-based experiences across leading applications”.

Arm pitched the Immortalis-G925 as its highest-performing processor yet, claiming it delivers 37 per cent better performance in supporting gaming experience over the first-generation Immortalis-G720.

The new flagship also apparently consumes 30 per cent less power, and is designed to support graphically-demanding gaming content.

Further, the system “offers acceleration capabilities for various AI use cases” including image classification, natural language processing and speech-to-text.

Patel explained Arm has increased support for hardware interfaces for the Immortalis-G925, making it suitable for “high-performance consumer technology markets like flagship smartphones”. Meanwhile, it attempts to target premium mobile handsets with Mali-G725 and “smartwatches and entry-level mobile devices” with Mali-G625.

“We are targeting a broad spectrum of consumer devices across different tiers, from flagship to entry-level, where we are seeing ever-increasing consumer and partner demands for more immersive mobile gaming and AI-based experiences,” Patel said.

The executive added Arm is also working with Epic Games, Google and MediaTek to improve various aspects of the mobile gaming ecosystem, including graphics rendering and battery consumption.