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Customer Experience

The introduction of modern technologies such as 5G, NFV and IoT are changing how telecom operators and enterprises measure Quality of Experience (QoE), a key measurement of business health. It’s no longer enough to rely on device and network data alone.

QoE in the Digital Transformation Era

QoE in the Digital Transformation Era explores best practices for scoring QoE in today’s complex technological landscape.

Read our whitepaper to learn:

  • Why current approaches to measuring QoE won’t suffice
  • The game-changing ingredient that drives a truly meaningful QoE score
  • A patented approach to taming the inherent complexity of modern QoE
  • How to achieve a complete picture of QoE across networks, clouds, services, applications, devices, communication types and more

Find out what the world’s largest telco providers already know.


Customer Experience Assurance

What is your customers’ behavior on your network? How can you assess their Quality of Experience? And how do you analyze your wealth of network data to make intelligent, informed business decisions?

Our Customer Experience Assurance (CEA) solution, based on IntelliSight, is focused on these key business problems.


Gain actionable intelligence on true Customer Experience

Ensuring a great customer experience and fast troubleshooting means having a service assurance monitoring solution that covers the entire network, end to end.

Granular visibility of customer calls and data sessions is critical to having a rich and accurate view of the customer experience.


Leverage real-time intelligence to improve customer experience

How do you turn terabytes of raw data into real-time intelligence that can improve the customer experience, performance management, and strategic business decision making?

Efficiently gain the visibility and intelligence that:

  • Improve the subscriber experience
  • Reduce churn
  • Streamline operations
  • Reveal innovative business models

And all through a single platform for both near-real-time monitoring and data analytics.


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