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Cloud-native 5G – Management of Constant Change

A 5G core network controls the end-to-end delivery of services and the creation of network slices to support a specific application or customer. Designed to be more versatile and flexible than its predecessors, a 5G core will evolve continuously to support many different use cases with many different requirements.

Developed in conjunction with HPE, this paper explains how CI/CD (continuous integration and delivery) methods can enable a 5G core network to change in line with the needs of a mobile operator and its customers. By helping development and operations teams to work together in an agile way, CI/CD can streamline integration in a complex technology environment, such as a 5G core network.

Once automated tests have been written upfront, CI/CD can dramatically reduce operating costs and enable agile and fastmoving software development. CI/CD practices can also reduce risk, as an app is updated one step at a time, rather than all at once, reducing the likelihood of a major fault going undiscovered.

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