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Whitepaper: The 5G Marathon begins now

The sprint to be first with 5G services is over but now the real race begins and it will be a marathon. Many mobile carriers have chosen strategies that can help them win the race to market with the first 5G services but they risk underwhelming potential 5G customers, which could possibly undermine the value associated with the 5G brand. A strong 5G brand is important for industry­wide success.

Download this whitepaper to discover:

  • The importance of building networks that address the real world demands from end device to the cloud, and everything in between
  • Why the most progressive mobile service providers understand that the real competition of the future is not only other mobile service providers, but also more agile new entrants with cloud­ service backgrounds (Rakuten is a good example)
  • How Cisco has the experience and portfolio to provide the 5G telco cloud platform, enabling mobile service providers to build their migration strategy for ultimate success in the 5G race

Please, click here to download the whitepaper.