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Card firms get nod for m-payments ahead of tech outfits

Amex, MasterCard and Visa are the brands most trusted by US consumers for making payments via their mobile phones, according to a survey by US advertising agency Ogilvy & Mather.

HTCs first NFC phone; Nokias N9 setback

Handset vendor HTC has announced its first NFC handset will go on sale with China …

Two more players jump into mobile payments

Another two companies have entered the mobile payments market, so confirming its growing attractiveness to new entrants while threatening to further add to its complexity.

Visa to quicken move to mobile payments

US card giant Visa has announced plans that it hopes will ultimately encourage US merchants to more rapidly adopt NFC-based mobile payment systems.

Report: carrier billing lacks consumer protection

A new report by leading US consumer watchdog Consumers Union says that mobile subscribers are not protected in the event of fraud or merchant error if they use carrier billing rather than their credit or debit cards.

Squares service is hackable, claims expert

A flaw in Square, the mobile payment service, enables criminals to convert stolen credit card …