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HTC sticks to multi OS strategy; sees China as future industry driver

Taiwanese smartphone vendor HTC will continue to support a range of operating systems and is …

Telenor calls for focus on feature phones

Operator Telenor believes the smartphone has become a critical tool amongst doctors but the mobile health industry must also make more use of standard feature phones.

Paved with good intentions

Over the weekend, Finnish start-up Jolla came into the spotlight, with its plan to launch …

What the two-segment tablet market means for Microsoft’s Surface

Google announced its first own-branded tablet device, the US$199 Nexus 7, last week, indicating the …

With friends like these

Microsoft last week announced Windows Phone 8 and, in one fell swoop, succeeding in making …

2007: An Apple Odyssey

I doubt there have been many light-hearted moments in court during the current legal spat …

Why Nokia would be the biggest victim of a Microsoft phone

The rumour about Microsoft working with a contract manufacturer to develop a smartphone using the next generation of its Windows Phone operating system must be leaving executives at Nokia scratching their head

Doro aims to create a senior smartphone ecosystem

Specialised handset vendor Doro is attempting to prove that a successful business model can be achieved from offering smartphones and multimedia content to the senior market.

Facebook: Hardware questions

Its own phone may not be what the social networking giant needs to make money from mobile

ZTE sees smartphones driving global ambitions

The head of fast-rising Chinese vendor ZTE has told Mobile World Live that the company …