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Mobile operators face new app attack

Reports of an Android-based Amazon apps store, and a Facebook/Skype tieup, further highlight the titanic struggle mobile operators face if they want to avoid becoming bit pipes

Ten things I think I think about mobile broadband and LTE

After attending Huawei’s Global Mobile BroadBand Forum in Oslo last week, here’s a ‘top-ten wrapup’ from the show. Including mention of a 105 year-old Chinese man…

Can RIM keep pace with Apple and Google?

The Canadian company clearly aspires to be a tier one mobile software and services player rubbing shoulders with Google and Apple

The future of mobile apps is in the cloud

While native mobile apps have certainly helped to stimulate the market, Web-based mobile applications are the smart way forward

Why we don’t need a Facebook OS

A Facebook operating system would unnecessarily add yet more complexity to the overly-fragmented smartphone market

Can a change at the top trigger a smartphone revival?

Both Nokia and LG have replaced their CEOs in a bid to make up lost ground in smartphones. But will a new face make the difference?

Can Airtel become Africa’s most loved brand?

Replicating its Indian ‘minute factory’ will be key to success

Europe’s mobile operators are retailers, not software developers

By mixing their online and offline assets in a smart way, operators could offer the mass-market a more compelling app retailing experience than most of the web players

Apps for financial services

Perfecting the user experience is vital if mobile banking apps are to succeed

Has Nokia displayed enough to win over developers?

While the recent changes in Nokia’s leadership may have unnerved some of the company’s longstanding supporters, the new CEO, the new version of Symbian and the new SDKs may tempt many developers back into the fold.