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Seeking differentiation in the app store market

What can players do to break away from the numbers game?

Regime change in the roaming world

Consumers naturally feel that cutting rates is good, but do we really want roaming to become a tool in international trade talks?

Standing out in an even playing field

Will there ever be a “next big thing” for mobile operators?

Vodafone: Mobile data and SMS are neck and neck

Vodafone Group’s revenue from mobile data nearly matches that from SMS, but will it ever be as profitable? Probably not.

Apps must not forget the user

The presence of a major brand does not mean that the value of an app to the consumer can be ignored.

T-Mobiles 4G marketing claims: mischief or marketing genius?

The mobile industry should not get too pure about the US operator’s new campaign. No one is innocent…

The changing face of the mobile handset market

Ten years ago the top five was dominated by Nokia, Motorola, Ericsson, Siemens and Alcatel. And the iPod hadn’t even been launched…

Securing mobile banking apps

Developers face a number of challenges when working with financial institutions on mobile banking apps

Caring and sharing, by all means but not with networks

Is the current trend for network sharing limiting operator differentiation?

Is it the end of the road for the Symbian Foundation?

Taking the struggling Symbian platform in-house could be a no-brainer for Nokia