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Freemium app developers will need speed and stamina

How much should app developers give away for nothing?

What is the point of bada?

The strategy behind Samsung’s home-grown smartphone platform looks less compelling with Android in the mix

The iPad is not simply a larger iPhone

Blowing up iPhone apps to fill the iPad screen not only looks weird, but organisations are failing to capitalise on the rich user experience the iPad delivers. And now is the perfect time to be developing iPad apps.

Growing pains in the mobile app industry

Launch of Microsoft’s Bing search app for Android is indicative of changing industry pressures.

Will the new iPod Touch curb smartphone demand?

Ops must ensure networks are good enough to convince people that compromising on mobile connectivity is a false economy

Intel To Infineon and beyond!

The US$1.4B deal is a good acquisition for Intel as it will enable it to better compete in the fast growing smartphone, Internet device and embedded markets. 

How big is the mobile app economy?

Despite bullish growth forecasts, the economics of the mobile apps market will remain pretty precarious for developers without corporate sponsors

For Symbian, developer dissatisfaction could prove costly

Nokia needs to prevent a damaging developer exodus

Should operators be involved in the devices business?

Recent developments in the apps and services space mean carriers need to pick their battles carefully

Google brings app development to the masses

Launch of App Inventor for Android can propel platform to new levels