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Helpshift CEO sees machine learning as future of in-app customer support

Abinash Tripathy told Mobile World Live developers of enterprise apps must focus on in-app care, estimating that close to 95 per cent of apps are failing to do so, thereby losing users.

Messaging app market still open to newcomers, says Rawr creator

Finnish start-up Futurefly, backed by early investors in Snapchat, WhatsApp, Twitter and Facebook, as well as Arielle Zuckerberg, recently launched its first product, Rawr, an “avatar-powered messenger app” for iOS.

Developers have much to benefit from Amazon Underground, says exec

Amazon Underground claims it has been experiencing “serious growth” when it comes to customers, which have grown more than 870 per cent since launch, and that developers are starting to take notice.

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Capriza: Addressing enterprise app hurdles

Enterprise Mobility is one of those nebulous terms which while used frequently, covers a broad …

Q&A: Dany Fishel, Rounds

Mobile World Live speaks to CEO and co-founder of messaging apps Rounds about the importance of lightweight apps.

Q&A: Dave O’Flanagan, Boxever

Dave O’Flanagan, the CEO and co-founder at Boxever, a customer intelligence and predictive marketing company, spoke to Mobile World Live about how ad blocking will impact app makers and what they can do to make ads more relevant to their users.

LiftIgniter: Apps must get personal with users

App developers need to focus on getting users to engage “over and over again” with …

TVibes: Live streaming is “inherently limited”

The success of apps such as Meerkat and Periscope show that consumers want to use mobile …

Moxtra: “well-rounded, intuitive” apps key to engagement

The CEO of Moxtra, a company providing mobile collaboration tools, believes developers need to recognise and …

Q&A: Eyal Oster, MobileBridge

Mobile marketing firm MobileBridge introduced new functionality into its content creation module to help app marketers …