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Introducing the new Mobile World Live

28 NOV 2012

“Change is inevitable – except from a vending machine.” ~ Robert C. Gallagher


You’ve probably noticed that we’ve made a few changes here at Mobile Business Briefing (MBB). In fact, from today the MBB brand is becoming part of the newly revamped Mobile World Live website. All of our editorial products will fall under the Mobile World Live brand.

So why have we done this?

MBB has come a long way since launch as an enewsletter service in 2008. Initially designed to serve the GSMA’s 1,000+ member companies with aggregated content from other sources, MBB now provides 60,000 global daily readers with exclusive news, analysis and blogs. And MBB’s sister product – Mobile Apps Briefing – serves its 13,000 readers with twice-weekly content focused on the booming apps sector.

Meanwhile Mobile World Live was established three years ago as a multimedia online portal providing video content to a registered community. Mobile World Live’s sister products – Mobile Money Live and Mobile Health Live – serve their own communities with content dedicated to these markets.

Watching the sites and products grow over the last few years has been hugely rewarding, but we’ve always felt that there must be a simpler way of packaging up our editorial services. And so we have brought all of our content together under one brand: Mobile World Live.

This integration means you will be able to find all of our content within one single site, from the industry’s biggest daily news stories to sections focused on apps, money and health. Keep an eye out too for our new channel dedicated to covering the ‘devices’ space; this will be home to news, analysis, videos and blogs focused on tablets, smartphones and all the latest gadgets. In the new year we will push this content out on a weekly basis via an enewsletter.

Of course, our new site is free to use and there’s no annoying need to remember passwords. All of your favourite content from the old sites – whether written or video –  is easily accessible via our new menu.

Our MBB social networking channels – Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter – will also move over to the respective Mobile World Live accounts, so be sure to stay connected with us via these channels.

Change might be inevitable, but we are confident you will enjoy being part of the new, improved Mobile World Live.

Justin Springham and the Mobile World Live team


Justin Springham

Justin manages the editorial content for the Mobile World Live portal and award-winning Mobile World Live TV service. In the last few years Justin has launched and grown a portfolio of premier media products, which include the Mobile World Congress...

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