Tech Mahindra collaborated with IBM to accelerate adoption of generative AI (GenAI) models for enterprises by providing them with frameworks, consultation and architectures.

IBM stated the collaboration combines Tech Mahindra’s TechM amplifAI suite with its watsonx AI and data platform to produce fresh GenAI and governance capabilties.

Kate Woolley, GM of IBM Ecosystem, said the partnership with Tech Mahindra is expected to expand the reach of watsonx to use cases including “code modernisation, digital labour and customer service”.

The companies noted customers will also benefit from Tech Mahindra’s “AI consulting and engineering skills” for GenAI services.

Tech Mahindra stated AI applications will allow businesses to “access their trusted data and automate processes”, which “can provide the foundation for customers to build trustworthy AI models and drive explainability to help mitigate risk and bias”.

“It could also promote scalable adoption of AI across hybrid cloud and on-premises environments”.

Tech Mahindra already has a virtual watsonx Centre of Excellence with a specialised team “dedicated to optimising the synergies between both organisations”.

They explained services developed at the centre could help enterprises achieve their goals of “building machine learning models using open-source frameworks”, and “to scale and accelerate the impact of GenAI.