Electronics giant Sony upped its metaverse play with Mocopi, a set of wearable VR devices for its domestic Japanese market which it pitched as a major step forward for the field.

The company stated the compact wearables will come in a set of six which users attach to their head, wrists, ankles and hip to capture real-time motions from various sensors. Sony pitched this as a means to enhance VR and metaverse-related activities by allowing greater movement for end-users.

Sony explained each wearable sensor is circular, measuring “32mm in diameter, 11.6mm in thickness and weighing 8 grams”.

The Mocopi set can be activated using a dedicated mobile app, where users can view their digital twins and monitor the technology’s “full-body tracking” features.

It added consumers can also “operate the avatar using the data obtained from the attached sensor” and download the animations in video format.

Additionally, the app allows users to customise the set-up of their virtual twins and export the materials to external devices via its software system.

Sony also cited plans to launch a software development kit for 3D and metaverse services in December 2023.

The Mocopi set is available for JPY49,500 ($358.25).