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Steve Costello

RIM: It never rains, but it pours

With RIM facing continued investor pressure, the last thing the company needed was for one of its key selling points to be called into question.

Who wants to be an MVNO?

It was widely reported that Google is looking at the MVNO market, with claims it …

Samsung: The why? factor

The arguments for making bada open source are not immediately apparent

Stuck in the middle

Is there a market for devices that sit between smartphones and tablets?

Every silver lining has a cloud

While a number of companies will undoubtedly benefit from the growth in in-app advertising, as ever success cannot be guaranteed.

Hobsons choice for T-Mobile USA?

When the combination of T-Mobile USA and AT&T was first proposed, there was something of …

Could HP be the perfect mobile partner?

Building a device business from the ground-up was never going to be easy.

Will mobile web apps be the third ecosystem?

According to a recent developer survey, mobile web apps could end up as the primary alternative to iOS and Android for developers.

Google and Motorola: walking a fine line

The news that Google is set to buy Motorola Mobility in a US$12.5 billion deal throws up some interesting questions for the Android vendor community, as the lines between partner and competitor become blurred.