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Justin Springham

Introducing the new Mobile World Live

You’ve probably noticed that we’ve made a few changes here at Mobile Business Briefing (MBB). In fact, from today the MBB brand is becoming part of the newly revamped Mobile World Live website. All of our editorial products will fall under the Mobile World Live brand.

Nokia’s Windows Phone timebomb

Contrary to some reports, it won’t take Nokia two years to build a WP-powered device. But it is vital the Finnish vendor shows major progress this year.

Verizon’s 4G chicken soup

Promoting its new LTE service presents something of a paradox for the US operator

Devices key to WAC’s ambitions

It may be an operator-led initiative, but the support of handset vendors is also crucial to hitting May’s target

Global players flirt with TD-LTE

But it’s the prospect of a converged next-gen device that could be the real love affair

Apple redefines ‘mobile devices’

Chief exec Steve Jobs claims the company’s annual US$50B+ turnover makes it the world’s largest ‘mobile’ company. But there’s a catch…

Microsoft leaves mobile to MWC

After keeping schtum at CES, Microsoft will have to deliver on its mobile plans at Barcelona…

LTE to lean on WiFi?

Whisper it, but at least one major operator believes the next-generation standard will need some support.