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US chip groups lobby for leniency on exports

07 APR 2020

Nine US industry and trade groups urged the Department of Commerce (DoC) to carefully consider the impact on the nation’s semiconductor industry before restricting exports of some components to China, Reuters reported.

The news agency reported groups including the Semiconductor Industry Association (SIA), National Foreign Trade Council and SEMI told Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross restrictions on shipments to China may result in “significant impacts” to the semiconductor industry.

They cited potential harm to the sector’s supply chains “and the broader technology sector” and called for a public consultation before restrictions are imposed.

Reuters explained the groups were responding to a prior move by US authorities to prevent gear falling into the hands of China’s military.

Its report indicated this was separate from moves to restrict shipments to Huawei, which faces a ban on supplies both directly from the US and indirectly, from overseas companies using American kit.

In early March, research by Boston Consulting Group commissioned by the SIA suggested the US’ position as a leader in semiconductors was being put at risk by broad restrictions on exports of commercial chip technologies to China.

Last week, Ajit Manocha, president of global electronics manufacturers industry association SEMI, warned US President Donald Trump the new export restrictions placed shipments of kit valued at $20 billion a year at risk, Reuters reported.

He added restrictions would also be a disincentive for future investment and innovation in the US.



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