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South Korea remains broadband speed leader

30 SEP 2016

South Korea again topped the world in Q2 with an average broadband connection speed of 27Mb/s, while India was at the bottom of 15 Asia-Pacific countries surveyed with a speed of 3.6Mb/s, according to Akamai’s State of the Internet report.

South Korea remained on top despite a 7.2 per cent drop quarter-over-quarter (see chart below, click to enlarge). It experienced 17 per cent year-on-year growth. Singapore once again had the highest average peak connection speed at 157.3Mb/s.
The Asia-Pacific region continued to lead the world in average connection speeds in Q2, with four of the top ten global leaders all found in the region. Hong Kong was number three with an average speed of 19.5Mb/s, up 15 per cent from a year ago, while Singapore was eighth (rising 27 per cent to 17.2Mb/s) and Japan ninth (up 5.1 per cent to 17.1Mb/s).

From a global perspective, the average connection speed increased 14 per cent year-on-year to 6.1Mb/s, the Akamai report found. Norway was number two globally with an average speed of 20.1Mb/s.

All 15 surveyed countries in the Asia-Pacific region again showed year-over-year growth in average speeds in Q2, with sequential gains across 11 of the 15 countries, ranging from 0.7 per cent in New Zealand to 29 per cent in Indonesia.

Fourteen of the 15 surveyed APAC countries had average connection speeds above the 4Mb/s broadband threshold in Q2 – up from 13 in the first. Joining India at the bottom of the table were the Philippines (4.3Mb/s), Vietnam (5.1Mb/s) and China (5.2Mb/s). All four countries saw strong year-on-year improvements in speeds, ranging from 58 per cent for Vietnam to 37 per cent for the Philippines, the report said.

Mobile connectivity
South Korea also led in mobile connection speeds in Asia Pacific during the quarter with an 11.1Mb/s average connection rate, followed by New Zealand (9.8Mb/s) and Japan (9.5Mb/s). Vietnam and India were at the bottom with mobile speeds of 2.8Mb/s and 3.3Mb/s respectively.

Globally the average mobile connection speeds ranged from 23.1Mb/s in the UK to 2.2Mb/s in Venezuela.


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