SmarTone launches Add-on Numbers app

SmarTone launches Add-on Numbers app

13 MAR 2015

SmarTone has launched an app that gives users multiple mobile numbers on one phone.

The Add-on Numbers app is available on all mobile networks in Hong Kong, including China Mobile, CSL, Sun Mobile, 1O1O and 3. It is compatible with both iOS and Android.

Each additional number costs HKD5 ($0.75) per day and is capped at HKD35 per number per month.

“Customers want different numbers for different people in their lives, be it family or work, close friends or acquaintances,” said SmarTone CEO Douglas Li. “Sometimes those numbers are for long-term usage, while at other times they are needed for just a relatively short period of time, such as buying or selling a flat, or on occasions where it’s inconvenient to give out one’s main number.”

Users can add up to four local mobile numbers on the same phone in addition to the main number they currently use. Users can choose new numbers directly from the app to enjoy the service, irrespective of which network they are using. Existing numbers from any network can also be used for this service by visiting any SmarTone store.

Each add-on number comes with a separate phone dialer in the app with a user’s own personalised labeling to avoid confusion between different numbers being used, its own calling identity, SMS/MMS folders, phonebook and voicemail.

“Add-on Numbers can simplify the lives of many people who carry several phones with multiple mobile line subscriptions. This service provides greater convenience and substantial savings to their current multiple subscriptions,” Li said.


Joseph Waring

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