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SKT slices live 5G network

10 DEC 2020

SK Telecom (SKT) claimed a global first after it demonstrated network slicing on its commercial 5G network, which it plans to deploy throughout its base stations to deliver customised services.

Up to eight slices can be supported simultaneously. In a statement, SKT  explained the approach will enable it to tailor network resources to specific applications and services, noting recent government support for this capability meant it is “expected to become more important”.

The operator also developed an integrated management platform which can operate and manage all individual slices for real-time quality monitoring.

Park Jong-kwan, head of SKT’s 5GX Technology Group, said the development lays a foundation to evolve to service-aware networks which recognise the optimal communication quality conditions for each service and automatically provide the appropriate network slice.

The operator explained network slicing is a core technology which separates 5G networks into multiple virtual network slices, allowing operators to deliver specific service levels without affecting overall quality.



Joseph Waring

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