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SKT boosts microwave capacity with 80GHz band

18 MAY 2023

SK Telecom (SKT) introduced frequency-combining technology using the 11GHz and 80GHz bands to deliver high-capacity microwave communication to 5G networks on islands off South Korea’s coast.

In a statement, SKT explained it combined the two frequencies with Super Dual Band (SDB) technology for transmission of large amounts of data over distances up to 10km.

It is testing SDB technology for 5G service between Tongyeong in the south and nearby islands, and plans to connect more islands in the future.

SKT noted the standard 11GHz frequency used for microwave communication provides long-distance communication but cannot match the capacity delivered by 5G.

It introduced the 80GHz frequency to boost capacity.

Microwave communication is mainly used as a substitute for wired networks in areas where it is difficult to lay fibre.

SKT also developed a beam tracking antenna which automatically stabilises network quality by detecting jitter.



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