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Samsung expands open RAN supply deal with Docomo

30 NOV 2022

Samsung Electronics revealed NTT Docomo planned to expand its open RAN deployment across Japan using the vendor’s new portfolio of 5G radios, which covers all TDD spectrum bands held by the operator.

The South Korea-based company introduced a 28GHz radio unit to its base station range, which also includes radios for the 3.7GHz and 4.5GHz bands.

In a statement, Samsung explained it performed interoperability of the radios with basebands from various vendors on Docomo’s commercial 5G network.

It added the 28GHz radio weighs less than 4.5kg, with a compact form factor and low power consumption.

Satoshi Iwao, head of the Network Division at Samsung Electronics Japan, noted the nation is “home to one of the world’s most densely populated areas with numerous skyscrapers and complex infrastructure”, noting its new portfolio meets the demands of “low-footprint, low-weight equipment, while ensuring reliable service quality”.

Docomo named Samsung as its supplier of open RAN-compliant equipment for 5G on the 3.4GHz band in 2021.



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