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M1, Huawei hit 35Gb/s in pre-5G mmWave trial

20 JAN 2017

Singapore mobile operator M1 and China-based equipment vendor Huawei said they reached transmission speeds of 35Gb/s in a pre-5G demo using the 73GHz band.

The millimeter wave (mmWave) trial at M1’s main operating centre in Jurong was conduced to validate the performance of pre-standard 5G in high-frequency bands, specifically the E-band. The operator and Huawei said in a statement the demo achieved Singapore’s highest mobile transmission speeds.

Various candidate 5G technologies and standards overseen by the 3GPP standards body are undergoing aggressive trials globally. The 3GPP is expected to finalise 5G technology standards for global adoption and deployment by 2020.

M1 said 5G technology will support the massive number of low-latency connections which are critical to driving the next wave of virtual and augmented reality, and Internet of Things applications such as autonomous driving.

Hong Kong’s SmarTone and Swedish vendor Ericsson announced earlier in the week they have set up the city’s first 5G test bed and are running a demo using the 15GHz band to achieve peak transmission speeds of 5.7Gb/s.


Joseph Waring

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