iPhone 6s arbitrage: prices across Asia

iPhone 6s price comparison across Asia

14 OCT 2015

Apple’s newest iPhones in China are selling for about $100-$200* more than in most Asia markets. But India, which won’t have the phone until 16 October, is the highest priced market, with the 6s (16GB) offered at $948 — $227 more than in Hong Kong and $300 more than the US (see chart below). The premium on the 6s Plus (128GB) in India is even higher — $458 more than the US and $364 more than in Hong Kong.

The entry-level 6s in China ($830) is $109 more than in Hong Kong, while the top-end 6s Plus at $1,223 is almost $200 more.

Hong Kong and Japan are the cheapest markets in Asia for the 6s models, with the 6s (16GB) selling for $721-$723 and the 6s Plus (128GB) going for $1,023-$1,043. The 6s is less expensive in Hong Kong, but the 6s Plus is cheaper in Japan.

iphone6stableMalaysia ranks third overall, with prices of the higher memory models slightly higher than in Hong Kong and Japan. But it offers the 6s (16GB) at the lowest price in the region ($716), which locals in Kuala Lumpur told Mobile World Live has spurred a robust trade of iPhones re-exports to mainland China.

Australia and Taiwan are in the middle, with prices in those markets differing by only $4-$38 for all models. The 16GB 6s is slightly cheaper in Taiwan, but the top range 6s Plus is $38 pricier than in Australia.

South Korea is the third most expensive market behind India and China, with prices ranging from $784 to $1,141 at the top end.

The US is by far the least expensive market, with both the 6s and 6s Plus $73-$94 less than in Asia’s ‘cheapest’ iPhone market of Hong Kong.

*Currency conversion: all local currencies were converted to US$ via Oanda’s online current converter.


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